How To Resolve Amazon Prime Video Error Code 28?

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Recently, it could be seen that many Amazon Prime users have reported that they have faced the following video error code 28 on their respective systems and prime accounts. And since, you too are here reading the following article. My guess is that you too are one of them.

If that is indeed the case, then below you should be able to find some of the most popular and widely used solutions to solve the issue on your own and in no time.

Fixes For Amazon Prime video error code 28

Fix 1: Disable any VPN service or app

If you are using a third-party VPN service or app on your device while logging into your Amazon Prime account either by your app or through a browser. Then, chances are that having a VPN app or service enabled while doing so may be responsible for such an error to occur. 

Hence, if that is the case, then disabling such VPN service or app on your device would prove helpful in solving the issue. 

All you need to do is simply open your VPN app and click on the Disable button or option to disable the VPN service or head to the Settings option and find and disable the Automatically Connect option, if enabled.

Fix 2: Close the Prime app or Log out of your Prime Account

Depending on whether you are using the Prime app on your smartphone device, or directly logged into your Prime Account through a browser, you try to close the app or log out of your account to see if doing so helps solve the issue. 

Simply, close your Prime App on your device and then after a device Restart or reboot, try launching the app and logging in into your Prime Account to see if that helped solve the issue.  

For those of you who use Prime on a web browser. Simply, log out of your Prime account and clear your browser’s history and cookie data.

Doing so will erase all your saved login credentials from your browser and will need to freshly login to your account.

Once logged in, see if the error still persists.

Fix 3: Switch Off And On Your device

One of the easiest and probably the most neglected solutions out there would be to simply try switching off and on your device. 

Many users facing a similar error have reported that switching off and on the device once or twice have helped solve the following issue on their respective devices, and were able to stream their favorites as usual. 

Fix 4: Update the Amazon app

At times, having an outdated app can also lead to such error messages showing up more often than one would expect. 

In such cases, the best solution would be to update your Amazon app on your smart devices and see if that helps solve the error message on your device. 

To update the app, simply head to either Google’s Play Store or Apple Store and search for the Amazon App. Click on it and once the app page pops up, click on the Update button or option if available and update the app. 

Once the app has been updated, restart your device and see if doing so helped solve the issue.

Fix 5: Update your OS

Just like what you had seen in the case earlier, an outdated OS can also be one of the causes responsible for such an error to occur. 

Hence, if that is the case. Then, simply updating your system OS might help solve the issue, if the error is indeed caused due to an outdated OS.

Depending what OS platform you are using, update your OS and see if doing so helps solve the issue.

Fix 6: Log out if you are using it on multiple devices

I am pretty sure that most users out there must have logged into their Amazon Prime accounts on multiple devices for easy access whenever and wherever needed.

And although, doing so is pretty normal and allowed. There may be instances when having logged into the same account from multiple devices can cause conflicts. 

Hence, if such an error occurs as a result of such conflicts. It is best that you log out of all devices and see if doing so helped solve the issue.

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