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Brain-dump sites are a great way to analyse your performance and preparation before you appear for a certain examination. 

Many people who have already appeared in the examination share their knowledge and experiences on the internet. This information is then compiled and shared with others through the brain-dump sites.

Before we start looking at the list of brain-dump sites, you must understand these sites are not a replacement for the actual preparation. These sites can only help you with some last-minute revisions. 

It is also of no benefit to your education if you are simply using these sites to prepare answers for the common questions. It may help you clear the examination but it will do nothing for your knowledge and skill enhancement.

We suggest that you only use these sites for checking how much you have prepared and what is lacking in your preparation.

That being said, we have compiled a list of the best brain-dump sites on the internet for you to choose from. Read the next section to find the list.

Best Brain Dump Sites on the Internet

1. Hotcerts

Official Website

A great Brain dump website for the preparation for exams. This includes a variety of subjects and the interface of the site is very user-friendly. 

Why Hotcerts?

  • They have a great test engine that you can use for the preparation analysis. It is user-friendly but at the same time designed in a way to give you the exact feeling of taking the real examination. It gives you a real insight into the pattern of the examination. This will help you feel ready for the examination.
  • They have a great customer support team that works 24/7. If you have any problems on the site, they are always present to help.
  • If you do not want to contact customer support, they also have an interactive chatbot on the site where you can address your problems and raise queries. If this is what you prefer over a call to customer care.
  • You get a lifetime of free updates. As soon as you subscribe to the Hotcerts package, you get access to all the materials on the site and the updates will be automatically added without any extra payments on your side.
  • You get access to around 600 exams which also include the experience from technology giants like Microsft, Amazon, IBM, and many more.
  • The exam papers that you will get access to on the site, are curated by subject experts. This way you always get access to quality content.
  • The pricing on the site is lower than some other websites in the same niche. However, the content quality remains superior.
  • A variety of fresh topics are regularly added with each update. Therefore, the content on the website is never stagnant.
  • Not only students but businesses can also use this site to get help in recruiting new talent for their company. This site helps the businesses get an idea of what other businesses are testing their employees for. In turn, they can now curate better tests for their candidate screenings.
  • They also have a blog where they talk about important topics like what are the current hiring trends, what new skills can help you secure a better job, etc.
  • They also offer a free demo where you can test the website for its potential before you pay for a subscription.
  • They have great resources compatible with all devices. You can also download free PDFs.
  • You get access to a desktop practice test software where you can practice taking a test in real-time. You can also use the web-based practice tests if that is what you prefer and do not want to go through the hassle of actually downloading software to your device.

2. Sure 2 Pass

Official Website

 Full online access to many replica examination questions. This site delivers on what it promises.

Why Sure 2 Pass?

  • You can sign up for free. There are no fees required for registration on the platform. Feel free to look around before you decide to pay for anything.
  • You get access to more than 2000 examination resources. This is a huge number for any website.
  • You can pay a registration fee and instantly get access to all the examination material. The access is unlimited. You can get access to as much material as you need for an upfront fee without any hidden charges.
  • You can also find free onion tests on the platform to check if your preparation is on point.
  • There is a section on success stories on the platform which can be used as a review section for the site. Many people have benefited from using this site and the testimonials are included in this section.
  • There is a dedicated section on exam tips. This section is great for the major points that you should know before you sit for the examination. It will give you tips on how to study for a particular topic and the weightage of different sections to make you feel more confident while sitting for the examination.
  • Anybody can submit their own brain dump material on the website and this is how they collect so much data to help you. You get the opinion and expertise of many people worldwide who have already taken the examination that you are appearing for.
  • They also have a great customer support team that you can contact in case you are having any troubles on the site. Their FAQ section can help you with the most commonly asked questions so that you do not have to contact customer support in case your problem is common and easy to solve.
  • They have a hands-on lab section where you can get to practice the practical aspects of the examination to understand the topic at hand more deeply.

3. CertsExam

Official Website

This site is a great brain dump for the IT examinations that you may appear for and has a great user interface as well.

Why CertsExam?

  • You can get access to a lot of examination resources from reputed companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. so many company resources are hard to find together.
  • You also get the option to download a demo before you pay for anything. This is important so that you know you are paying for something worth it.
  • They have a great interface where you can sort the resources based on vendor and examination and get the resources in one place.
  • Many legitimate reviews on the site can help you understand the credibility of the site. 
  • You can choose to get the resources in the form of a PDF or maybe a Practice Exam Software. You can get the resource in the format that is the most comfortable for you. If you choose to get the practice exam software, you can get the feel of what it is like to go through the examination. This can be a great confidence boost.
  • The site is secure and is backed by MacAfee security. You can trust the site not to leave any viruses on your system.
  • The site provides you with 24/7 customer support so that you can contact them whenever you face any problems on the site.
  • You get access to 3 months of free updates with the payment plan you choose. This makes sure that you always get access to the updated study material.
  • They also have a hundred percent refund policy on the website. If you do not feel like the resources on the website helped you pass the examination, you can get a hundred percent refund from the site.

4. Lead4Pass

Official Website

The site to get a hundred percent guaranteed exam dumps. You can get all the help you want to get certified for IT exams.

Why Lead4Pass?

  • You get access to not only the questions for the exam but also the answers to those questions in one place. Many sites will just provide you with the questions and you will have to spend time to find out the answers to the questions on their own. This site, however, provides you with the answers too.
  • All the examination resources are hundred percent guaranteed. You do not have to worry about the credibility of the resources on the website.
  • Before you pay for anything on the site, you can get a demo of the resources. If you do not like the resources available, you can decide to look for some other website and not pay at all.
  • They offer a 60-day hundred percent refund guarantee on the site. If you feel that the resources on the website did not help you clear the exam and you failed, you can get your money back within sixty days of taking the examination.
  • They have a great customer support team that can help you with the issues on the site if you have any. You can also contact them for the refunds if you want to get one. They are available 24/7 because the issues don’t occur at a particular time. If you do not wish to contact the support, they also have a FAQ section that can answer some basic questions for you.
  • There are many vendors on the site to choose from that sell you resources for the examinations of reputable companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, HP, etc.
    The real examinations for these extremely hard formats become easy once you use these resources to get ready.
  • The resources on the website go through regular updates so that you always have access to the most relevant information regarding your examinations. With this feature, you will never be out of touch with the new changes in the examination formats.

5. Pass Leader

Official Website

A secure website for the IT examination dumps. Go through this website if you are looking through brain dumps on easy interface websites.

Why Pass Leader?

  • The site is a hundred percent secure. This allows you to search for material and download it without any hesitations about causing damage to your device. The site is MacAfee secured to create a more reliable backing.
  • You get 24/7 customer support access. After you make a purchase on the site, they are not going to run away with your money but assistance is always provided in case you need help.
  • They have promo codes on their website that can allow you to save some money in the process. This makes the site relatively cheaper than the other competitors in the market.
  • After you make the purchase, you can download the material instantly without any delays. You do not have to wait for even a second after the payment has been received.
  • You can get access to one year of free updates after you make your purchase. This ensures that you always have access to the latest material regarding the examination and all the format changes can be learned by you as soon as they occur.
  • They also provide guarantees like a hundred percent pass guarantee and a hundred percent refund guarantee. This makes sure that if you do not get the desired results from the website, you can always apply for a refund and get your money back.
  • There are many reputed institution resources on the website. You can get access to the examination resources of companies like Microsoft, IBM, and more. These examinations are some of the hardest exams out there and these resources can really help with the last-minute preparations.
  • The site also has great reviews and many people have taken the help of the resources on this website to help with their certification examinations. You can join the long list of people to improve your own scores.
  • The resources are available as a PDF or as an examination software. You can choose between the two according to your own convenience.
  • The transactions on the site are a hundred percent secure and backed by Verisign. You do not have to get paranoid about losing your money to an unreliable source. Also, your sensitive financial information will be kept under wraps.

6. Exam Topics

Official Website

Looking for a free brain dump website with reliable material, this is the website for you.

Why Exam Topics?

  • The first and the most important reason is that the site is free and you do not need to pay any money on this site to access any material.
  • The site also has a forum that has many experienced individuals contributing to the site. This allows you to have access to relevant material across industries for the examination you are preparing for.
  • You can find the resources to many top-level industry examination resources like Microsoft, Cisco, and many more.
  • The interface of the site is very user-friendly and the filters on the site will allow you to get access to the examination that you are looking for. You do not have to scroll down the whole site to find the exam but just enter the keyword and you will get the exact result.
  • They also have a news section where you can stay updated with the latest examination and the format changes for the examination that you are preparing for. A lot of important information that you may miss without the reminder from the blog section on this website.
  • The reviews on the website are really top-notch and you can really trust the website about the credibility of the material it provides even after being totally free.
  • The resources on the website are constantly updated with the inputs from experts. You will always stay up to date with the information on the examinations you are preparing for.
  • You can follow the forum on this website for staying in touch with the latest trends on the website and connect with the experts contributing to the site to ask them some questions about the resources.

7. Exam Collection

Official Website

Looking for certified and safe files for the preparation of your IT examinations, this is the site that you should give a try.

Why Exam Collection?

  • The site guarantees to have actual examination resources on the platform. This is a very valuable resource when you do not have a lot of time to prepare.
  • The downloads on the site are instant and you do not have to wait for a certain time period in order to get access to the files after you find the file.
  • The VCE files on this website are free and unlike other brain dump sites, you do not need to pay to access the files or practice exam questions.
  • The material on the site is reliable and verified by experts in the industry. The material is regularly updated according to the changes in the exam patterns and if you decide to follow the material on this site for your preparation, then you will always stay updated with the same.
  • If you enter your email and decide to make a profile on the platform, you will get an instant discount voucher to get up to ten percent off on the paid resources on the website. This makes the site more affordable in comparison to other sites in the same arena.
  • The files on this platform are safe and you can download them without the fear of downloading a virus with the file.
  • When you enter the email address and information to make a profile on the platform, they keep your information private and do not sell or rent your information in any way, shape, or form.
  • You can get access to the examination resources of reputed companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc.
  • The passing rate on the website if you use their resources to prepare is 99.6% which means that their resources are so helpful that their customers hardly ever fail the examinations they are curated for.
  • To date, the site has had more than 1.2M happy customers and the site has great testimonials from these people who have actually given the site a chance.
  • They also offer video courses on their website. If you have some time on your hands before taking the examination, you can enroll in these courses to hone your skills and get a better chance of passing the certification examinations.
  • They also have a blog where they add relevant and helpful articles to help you with the examinations. Sometimes, people also learn about other examinations that they can take as well and this really helps with the portfolio.
  • They have a VCE exam simulator software that you can download to get the feel of the examination before you take the actual examination. This is highly beneficial if you want to increase your confidence before the actual exam.
  • They also have an exam formatting tool that can help you convert your files from PDF to a VCE format.

8. Prep Away

Official Website

If you are looking for a credible exam brain dump site with attractive discounts and some free features as well, this site can be of real use to you.

Why Prep Away?

  • Entering your email address and making a profile on the platform will get you an exclusive discount coupon of forty percent. This is a great offer and you will not get such a heavy discount on any other brain-dump site.
  • They do not sell or rent your personal information entered during profile completion. You can be sure that your information remains confidential and undercover.
  • If you look for a particular exam resource on the site and are unable to find that on the site, then with the requested feature on the site, you can request for a particular exam resource to be added.
  • They also have various video courses on the website in addition to the examination resources. These courses are really helpful if you do not have proper formal training and want to clear the certification examinations. These courses really help you maintain a good skill set that will be of great help when you sit through the exam.
  • They have practice examinations for a variety of famous technology and IT companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and many more.
  • The site also has a first attempt pass guarantee if you follow the resources on the site with dedication.
  • They also offer 30 days of free updates after you make your purchase so that you always have access to the most relevant material in regards to the examination you are studying for.

To Conclude

There are many sites available on the internet to help you with the examinations that you are going to write. Most of these sites cater to the IT certification examinations that are generally harder to crack.

However, you should make sure to use these resources ethically and wisely. These resources are in no way a substitute for actual preparation that you will need to work on after you clear the examination. Clearing the examination is only the first step, to carry on further you will always need in-depth industry knowledge and skills.

We hope that these resources were helpful and you got some great advice for your examinations. Keep reading for more informational content.

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