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There was a time when flying on an airplane was an unimaginable luxury for most. Only the most influential and wealthy people in the world could think about this mode of travel. You would not witness the conversations about flight tickets in that era. It was so expensive to even think about it that most people left it as a dream.

Those times are now gone and the prices of flights have gone down significantly with the advent of cheaper tickets and class divisions in the airplanes. 

Where you will still find some tickets in the business class and the first class to be sky-high, there are also economy seats available if you do not want to dish out that amount of money.

With the world becoming more accessible and people traveling more, sometimes the only option to get to a faraway place is through a flight. In those cases, it becomes impossible to avoid the flight costs. This is the time when most of the people are running around wanting to find cheap tickets.

The advancements in technology have made every solution digital and now you do not need to visit an airport to get flight tickets. You can compare and buy cheaper tickets at the convenience of your home. 

Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of the Best Sites to Find and Book Cheap Flights. We hope this helps you tremendously while satisfying your wanderlust.

Happy Travelling.

Best Sites to Find Cheap Tickets online

1. Kayak

A highly advanced site to find cheaper flight tickets, this is a great option to look for tickets when flying out.

Why Kayak?

  • Kayak offers you cheaper flight tickets and if you look for tickets through an account on the site, the site will send you notifications about the changing prices of the flight that you want to book. This reduces your effort to look for the price changes on your flight regularly.
  • While looking for a flight, you can enter information like how many adults and children are traveling? How many bags are you carrying, and What dates are you looking for?
    You then receive results based on the information that you enter to avoid any confusion later.
  • The site compares flights from various different agencies and airlines. This way you do not have to individually visit every website. You can also turn off a special airline in the filter if you do not wish to travel with that certain airline.
  • After the COVID pandemic hit, the site added a very useful feature called travel restrictions. This section allows you to see what restrictions are in place in countries worldwide and you can plan your trips accordingly.
  • You will also get important information like what airport the flight takes off from and where it lands, the duration of the flight, layovers, and even flight quality including other important information. All before you book the flight.
  • They also have a flight tracker on the site where you can know about the positions of the flight by entering the flight number. It is a great way to keep track of a flight for you or your loved ones.
  • If you regularly fly for business purposes, you can also look into Kayak Business. They compare different flights and offer you cheaper options for corporate travel. This is also easy for the businesses as there can be a single account to keep track of all the flights that the company employees are taking.
    You also get an analysis of how much your company is spending on travel.

2. Priceline

The website searches for tickets on the basis of demand comparison. It has been around since the year 1997.

Why Priceline?

  • This website is a great platform to find tickets in your price range because they have an incredible calendar where you can see dates coded in different colors. The different colors tell you on what days the flight that you book is cheaper. 
  • You can find a flight and bundle it with a car and a hotel at your destination if you want to.
  • You can search for express deals and get up to 50% off on your booked flight.
  • If you sign-up for their emails, you can get exclusive deal coupons that can help you get even more discounts.
  • They also have a great app that you can use for more convenience. This also helps you get notifications for the best deals.
  • The bookings on the platform are very flexible. The cancellations on the platform are easy and hassle-free.
  • They have great 24/7 customer support. You can reach them for any troubles that you may have on the platform.
  • They also have a special number on the platform that you can call to get even better deals.

3. Momondo

A flexible search engine for your flight details, Momondo is an easy choice when you want to book flights.

Why Momondo?

  • The trending section on Momondo helps you find out the most popular destinations in the world. If you are confused about your travel plans, you can look for a destination from the popular ones.
  • The website is also updated with the travel restrictions after the pandemic. This can help you plan the trip without any hassle.
  • The website compares millions of real-time flight deals and offers you the best option in your budget.
  • The mix and match option on the platform is great to find cheaper flights. This can help you by booking an outbound flight and returning flight with two different airlines.
  • You can sign up for the updates on the platform so that you do not miss any deals on your flights.
  • Momondo does not use cookies on the platform. Other platforms that use cookies, make use of them to increase the prices if you visit too often.
  • The platform is free. There is no fee levied by the platform to help you book tickets.
  • They do not sell the tickets directly. They just show you the comparison of different prices on different platforms. You can then book tickets on the platform of your choice.
  • There is also a hundred percent guarantee that the prices will be transparent. There are no hidden charges and all the prices are displayed as displayed on other platforms.

4. Expedia

If you are looking for a platform where you can find cheap flight tickets and also rewards on top, you can consider Expedia.

Why Expedia?

  • The platform has been around since the year 1990. The platform has been relevant since then. People have also trusted this platform and this increases the reliability quotient of this website.
  • The website has a rewards program. When you book tickets through this platform, you earn reward points with each purchase.
  • The site also has blogs on different travel destinations in the world. You can look for information on your decided location, or get to know about a beautiful place that you might not have found on your own.
  • The cancelation policy on this website is easy. They refund you for cancellations in a window of 24 hours. If you cancel within 24 hours, you can also get a full refund on some flights.
  • If you cancel non-refundable flights, you may still be eligible for flight credit that you can use later.
  • You can also book bundle deals on the platform. The bundle will include airline, hotel, car rentals, etc.
  • They have a great feature on the platform known as the Price Match Promise. Due to this, if your flight prices drop, you will get a refund for the extra amount paid. This is a rare feature that you may not find on other platforms.
  • They have great customer support where you can talk about your issues with the platform if you have any.

5. Skyscanner

You can plan your trips with confidence with the Skyscanner platform. Also, book flights for cheap.

Why Skyscanner?

  • You can get the latest updates on the platform which can be helpful for you while planning a trip.
  • You can also get COVID-19 insurance on the platform. This is a great feature added after the pandemic to make the customers more secure.
  • There are no hidden fees and charges on the platform. You only pay for what you actually saw on the listing. 
  • They compare prices of around 12k platforms to get you the best pricing available. You do not have to visit each individual website to find the best deal.
  • The platform claims to be customer-oriented and they remove the providers from the platform if they are overcharging you.
  • They have an app for easy access. The app interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • You can also find reviews for trustworthy providers on the platform. The users who give reviews, help others find genuine providers.
  • The platform does not include any hidden charges. Also, the platform does not increase the fares if you visit a lot of times.
  • You can also find expert tips and tricks on the platform to help you with the advice on your travels. 
  • The platform is environmentally conscious. The principles of sustainability are applied and followed.
  • The platform works in 30 different languages. There is very less probability of you not finding your preferred language on the platform.

6. Travelocity

There are some exclusive features on Travelocity which may really help you in your conquest for booking cheaper flights.

Why Travelocity?

  • The site has been around since 1996 and also has stayed relevant since then. This makes the site highly reliable.
  • Travelocity is not an individual company anymore but is under a parent company which is the Expedia group. In the light of other partner companies, Travelocity has learned many new innovations to update itself and also become more relevant in today’s climate.
  • A unique and interesting feature of Travelocity is that they show you the cost to upgrade your flight right at the time of the checkout. This can help you decide if the difference amount is affordable to you or not.
  • On each flight booking, you check on this platform, you will find an individual flight score. You can compare the amenities and comfort of each flight through this score.
  • Travelocity has a great customer service team that is always available to assist you in case you face any inconveniences with your bookings.
  • You can also book bundles on the site. This will include hotel accommodation and a car rental with your flight so that you do not have to search everything individually and get everything in a single deal instead.
  • There are no hidden charges for the cancelation of your flight tickets. If there are some charges included, they are always mentioned transparently while you book the tickets. This helps you keep a peace of mind that you will not be overcharged for anything.
  • You can select flight type on their specific filter before booking a flight. You will have the option to book a single flight, a multi-way flight, or even a multi-city flight.
  • You can also choose to book a nonstop and refundable flight if that is what you are looking for. You will find this feature under advanced features when you book a flight.
  • The filters on the site are great as in addition to the ones mentioned above, you can also choose your preferred airline and the preferred coach beforehand.

7. Agoda

Want to have a great flight booking experience in your own preferred language with a great reward points program, you are at the right place.

Why Agoda?

  • The site searches flight options for you from over 200 airlines operating worldwide. This ensures that you always get a great deal through comparison and you do not have to visit different sites to do that yourself.
  • They have a great and enthusiastic customer support team that will take care of all your issues on the platform. You can be sure that someone always has your back in case anything goes wrong with your booking.
  • They have a great app with an amazing interface. This app also has features like vouchers, maps, and details. You can get notified about these on the device of your choosing. This greatly increases the comfort that you experience while booking through the platform.
  • The site has a great rewards program where you can earn points known as Agoda Cash for your bookings through the platform. You can then use these points later in your other travel plans. This is an amazing feature if you are a frequent traveler.
  • The site operates in many languages and it is very easy to change the language to your liking. Just click on the flag icon and choose what language you are comfortable with. The site will change in that language.

8. Orbitz

Want different deals on your flights every day? This is the platform for you as their deals are updated every single day.

Why Orbitz?

  • They have a special section for affordable flights. In case you just want to travel but do not have a destination in mind yet, you can find a cheaper flight in this section and just make another plan.
  • You will find travel tips from the experts on the site. There are many blogs that will explain to you the basics of traveling and how you can make the most out of your travel experience.
  • There are many different options of travel on the site that you can choose from. Say for example you are traveling with a pet, you can go to the pet-friendly section to take your fur baby along on your travel. Many more options include luxury, last-minute, romantic, beach, etc.
    These types of filters are hardly available on any other site and this is what makes Orbitz unique.
  • You can get instant flight notifications on your device if you choose to use the app that they offer. The app also has a great interface and sometimes offers more rewards than when you book on the website.
  • There are also some free cancellations available on the site. They do not charge you any fee if your airline does not. This only applies to a certain timeline though.
  • If you cancel a non-refundable flight, instead of the refund you will still receive airline credit that you can use on the other trips you plan in the future.
  • If you travel frequently and use Orbitz to book your flight, you can become a platinum member after certain requirements are fulfilled. Being a platinum member, you get access to exclusive benefits like a reduction in baggage fees, seat upgrade fees, etc.
  • They also offer a program through which if you find that your flight is cheaper on some other website within 24 hours of your booking, you will receive a refund for the extra amount that you paid.

9. Google Flights

Google has all sorts of great tools, some of which we do not even know about. Google Flights is one such division that many people may not know about.

Why Google Flights?

  • Google is a search engine with great analysis tools. Therefore, it can always compare and find you the best deals over the internet. You are not required to book through Google Flights but as soon as you take a pick for the best deal, you will be taken to the website of the airline that you chose and you can easily make a booking there to earn the airline-specific rewards and miles.
  • You will also be able to discover the trends of flights on this site. It tells you everything about on what days the flight is cheaper, on what days can you get a great deal, etc. 
  • There is also a dedicated section for tips. This section will feature tips from experts on how to choose your travel options and how you can get the best travel experience possible.
  • You can now also check the travel restrictions in a separate section on the website. What countries are allowing travelers and what rules you need to follow in different countries will be the highlight of this section when you visit.
  • If you do not have a destination in mind, you can always visit the explore section on this site which also includes even the minor details on smaller cities and their attractions, obviously coupled with what flight options will you have to travel there.
  • There is also a color-coded calendar available when you look for a flight. You can see the days on which the flight will be cheaper in green color. This makes it visually easier to locate the days on which you can fly out at a much cheaper rate.
  • You will receive regular emails about the change in the price of your chosen flight. This can help you plan your trip expenses effectively.
  • You also have a great option to explore the destination with the price filter. If you do not have a destination in mind, but do have a budget, you will see a map with the prices of destinations. You can choose the one that suits your budget and get going.
  • Google has a great technical team. You can also say that they have one of the best technical teams in the world. This means that their platform is always evolving and becoming better. You can always hope to find the latest features on this site with regular updates as well.

10. CheapOair

The name itself suggests that this website is designed to provide you with cheaper flying experiences.

Why CheapOair?

  • You ghetto flaunt your own credit card from this website if you show interest in joining. This allows you to split your flight prices over a duration of time that you choose and you do not have to pay for the flight instantly.
  • You can book packages here as well to make your travel budgets even skinnier. You can book the flights as well as hotels in the same package deal. This makes for a great way to have extra savings.
  • They also have a number that you can call to get even better deals. On this phone number, you will find deals that will not be listed on the platform website.
  • You can also get in touch with the travel experts on the site. They can help you with all sorts of travel queries and make great suggestions in regard to your trip. It is like having a personal travel assistant.
  • You can get immediate confirmations for your booking and you can easily cancel your booking within 24 hours.
  • The site is updated with new deals every second. With every refresh, you can find a new and better deal.
  • The site also offers a great rewards program where you can earn points by booking a flight and then redeem them when you make any other booking.

To Conclude

This was the list of some of the best sites to find and book cheaper flight tickets. All of these sites have their own benefits and you can take your pick from any of the above.

Before making any booking though, it is best to double-check the reviews of the site through which you are making the booking.

It is very important to conduct thorough research when you are spending your hard-earned money. 

We hope that this list was helpful. Happy Traveling!!

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