How To Troubleshoot Black Desert Online Error Code 12009?

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If you’re encountering Black Desert Online error code 12009, you’re not alone. Many players have reported this issue. It usually appears during game installation or when trying to install a new patch.

The most common cause of this error is a remnant version.dat file. However, there are a few other potential causes, such as corrupted DNS cache, antivirus interference, proxy servers, etc.

No matter what the cause, we’ve compiled a list of the best workarounds to help you fix this error code.

Troubleshoot To Fix Black Desert Online Error Code 12009

Fix 1: Simply go to C:\Program files\x86\Black Desert Online, and rename the version.dat. file.

Fix 2: Check your device antivirus program settings, and add the BDO under as the exception.

Fix 3: Flush the DNS cache.

Fix 4: If you are using VPN or Proxy then consider disabling them.

Fix 5: There are three primary ports that need to be accessible in order to connect to BDO game servers or update the game on a PC. If these ports are not supported by UPnP or are closed, you may encounter this error. The most popular ports for TCP and UDP are 8888, 9991, and 9993.

Fix 6: If the error still persist then contact the game support.

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