How To Fix If Eero Routers Keeps Disconnecting?

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Eero is one of the leading brands which is known for its WI-FI system in the USA. It provides services with fast and blazing speed and has a very stable network.

Being an Internet Service Provider it has achieved a name in the market but it is not an exception when it comes to glitches.

The most common problem an Eero user runs into is “Eero keeps disconnecting”. This is not a severe issue but still, it can harm your work if you are in the middle of something. Here is how you can fix it.

How To Fix If “Eero Keeps Disconnecting”?

Fix 1: Power Cycle The Router

Refreshing the device and power source always gives a fresh start to a device and there comes a power cycle into the picture. 

To Power cycle, a device simply unplug the router power cable from the wall outlet.

Then let it unplug for 1 minute and let it drain out all the remaining power.

Place back the power cable into the outlet after 1 minute and restart the device.

Let the router boot up properly and check if the internet is back or not.

Fix 2: Check The Distance Of the Router

The distance between the Eero router and the device matters a lot, If you have placed them quite far from each other then Internet disconnection may take place.

Eero Mesh system is a wireless system that doesn’t need any cable to transfer data but it has some certain range and placing it too far from the device will affect the services.

So make sure you are placing the router closer to the device, and if you have a large house then consider adding more routers to enjoy a stable connection.

Once you have kept the router closer to the device check the connection.

Fix 3: Check All The Cables

If you have your device connected to Eero with an ethernet cable then you should check the cables.

Check all the cables from one end to another, they should not be frayed or damaged.

If you find any damage or fraying with the cables then replace the cable with the new one.

Clean every port which is connected to the cable.

Fix 4: Put Your Gateway in Bridge Mode

Most of the gateways come with inbuilt routers but Eero acts as a replacement and works well when the gateway doesn’t act as a router.

Bridge mode turns off the WI-Fi in the gateway and transmits the internet connection to your main Eero device.

To turn on bridge mode follow the steps given below.

  • Connect a device to your gateway with the help of a WI-Fi or ethernet cable.
  • Now open any browser and type in the search bar.
  • The admin page of the router tool will pop up, enter your username and password.
  • If you don’t have a password you can trace it underneath the gateway on a sticker or in its manual.
  • Now scroll down and look for bridge mode, or you can contact your service provider to activate it for you remotely.
  • Once the bridge mode is on, disconnect all the devices connected to LAN ports.
  • Connect your main gateway Eero to LAN port 1 and switch on the Eero.
  • If you are unable to connect any device with Eero, forget the network from the device and connect it again.
  • Once you have enabled the bridge mode, check if your Eero internet connection is established or not.

Fix 5: Hard Reset the Eero

To perform a hard reset, press the reset button which you can trace at the back of the router or underneath it.

Use a pointy tool like a paper clip or anything else to press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds until the LED light flashes.

Release the button as the LED light flashes to start the reset. Once reset completes the LED will flash blue.

Resetting the device removes all the saved passwords and account details that you need to set up again. So set up the account and credentials and check if doing this has made any difference or not.

Fix 6: Check If The Issue is Device Specific Or Not

If none of the troubleshooting has helped you yet then you need to confirm if this issue is device specific or not.

If this issue is persisting with one device only and the rest is working fine then you need to restart the faulty device to fix this issue.

Fix 7: Contact Support

If even after following all these troubleshoots you are still facing this issue then this is the right time to contact your Internet service provider. 

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