How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813?

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If you are a gaming enthusiast, Nintendo Switch needs no introduction. This gaming console stands tall with the other grand consoles in the market like the Playstation or Xbox.

Some people also prefer this for the handheld comfort that they get with the console.

There are numerous games that support the Nintendo Switch for gaming and there are some great exclusive games that you can only access on the Nintendo Switch.

This makes the console a great prospect in the terms of the gaming market competition. They have a dedicated technical team that releases new updates every once in a while and the functionality of the Switch only seems to improve with each update.

There are some minor hiccups in the program though. These are the error codes that will show themselves as an inconvenience when there is something wrong with your console. This is the time that you will land up on pages like ours for the best advice on how to solve the problem that you are facing.

In this article, we are going to answer how to fix Nintendo Switch error code 2813. We will discuss what is the console trying to communicate when it sends this error code flashing and what advice you can borrow from the other users to make sure that the error goes away.

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Error 2813 On Nintendo Switch?

First things first, let us understand the error code and what it is trying to communicate. Nintendo Switch has many different error codes assigned for different problems.

It is essential to understand each error code for what it means before we try to fix it with random measures.

Every lock has a key and the error code is the key to the issue with the console.

Error code 2813 on a Nintendo Switch can mean a variety of things depending upon the code that is attached to it.

We will describe the different codes that can be linked to error 2813.

  • Code 2813-0055: the download that you are attempting has not been yet released on the Nintendo e-Shop
  • Code 2813-2491: The Purchase transaction has timed out
  • Code 2813-0119: the Credit card that you are using is causing problems
  • Code 2813-0065: The download code that you are trying to use for purchase has already been used by you or some other user using your console.

These are the main error codes that can be associated with error 2813 on a Nintendo Switch.

Why are you getting error 2813 on your Nintendo Switch?

There are many reasons for the error code 2813 to appear on your Nintendo Switch with the subcodes related to the error that we have mentioned in the previous section.

You will find out on a closer look that all these subcodes come back to the same place. The error code 2813 basically deals with the transactions in the Nintendo e-Shop.

There are reasons depending on the subcode that you will need to keep in mind before looking for solutions.

The reasons are.

  • Your Credit card is not being recognized by the system
  • Your credit card has expired.
  • You are trying to purchase a product that is already purchased.
  • The product that you want to download is not on the Nintendo e-shop yet.
  • The purchase transaction took too long to get cleared and hence now timed out.

There are some purchase and Nintendo shop-related solutions that we will discuss in the next section.

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-2491?

The Purchase Transaction has Timed out

There can be three reasons that this happens on your Nintendo Switch

  • The network connection is weak
  • The Nintendo e-shop is closed for maintenance purposes
  • The Nintendo e-shop is facing a server outage

When this happens, here are the fixes that you should try

  • Check your internet connection and speed with the help of a reliable tool. You can find many such tools for free with a simple Google search.
  • Raise a support request on the official Nintendo website and wait till the server issue is solved. This is applicable for both server outages and maintenance shutdowns.

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-0119?

The Credit card that you are using is causing issues.

The solutions that you can try in this situation are:

  • Try to restart the application on the Nintendo e-shop and come back a little later to check if the card is accepted.
  • Try to use a different card. If the other card is accepted, talk to your bank about the card that was causing problems in the transaction because there is a possibility of serious error with your previous card.
  • You can also try to use alternative modes of payment like PayPal.

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-0065?

The download code that you are trying to use for purchase has already been used by you or some other user using your console.

Here are the fixes that you can try to resolve this problem.

  • Open the HOME menu on the Nintendo Switch and look for the software that you are trying to use the redeem code for.
    If you cannot see the icon for the same, this means the purchase has already been made. In this case, you will need to execute the download again.
  • Go to to redeem the code from another account.

How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-0055

The download code that you are trying to use has expired or the product that you are trying to purchase has not yet arrived on the Nintendo e-Shop.

Here are the fixes you can try in this particular situation.

  • Keep checking the shop for the product that you are trying to purchase. Sometimes, it takes some time to get the product released.
  • Check on the online community if the other users are able to access the products.
  • Make sure that the download code that you are trying to use, is not expired or been used before.
  • If you are trying the download through a prepaid card, make sure that the purchase is made in the same country that it was bought in.

What To Do If You Still Have The Error?

Nintendo has a dedicated customer support ecosystem. They have a customer support page where you can mention the error that you are facing and they will revert back with a solution. Usually, the answers come really quick and this is really great when you are confused about the issue at hand.

To conclude

In this section, we have seen that the error code 2813 on the Nintendo Switch has many different subcodes but all of the threads come back to the same point that is the Nintendo e-shop.

We have taken the different error codes and their solutions from the official support website as well as the user experiences and we are pretty confident that one of these solutions will definitely help you. We also hope that this article gave you a lot of clarity on what the issue broadly covers.

Keep following for more technical updates and advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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