How To Fix Netflix Error Code HTP-998?

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Netflix is one of the most advanced streaming platforms out there but it sure does have its share of troubles and errors.

Users often find themselves stranded with random error codes mid-stream or sometimes even during the launching of the app/platform.

Netflix however, has taken all these issues into account and has created an error code directory.

They have also prepared an official support website section that is dedicated to the description and solution of the error codes that users encountered on the platform.

In this article, we will discuss the Netflix error code htp-998

This error code shows up when you are trying to search for content to play and certain titles that you want to watch, are not available.

We will discuss the official support answers and the answers that are suggested on the user support forums.

In the end, you will have definite answers to the problem that you are facing on the platform.

How To Solve The Error Code HTP-998 On Netflix?

When you receive the error code htp-998 on Netflix, it is because the connection is often too weak to find the title that you want to watch on the server.

There are several reasons that could be behind the error code and we need to discuss all of them separately so that there is clarity about the solution to each issue.

Fix 1: Check if the browser you are using is compatible with the platform

Netflix is not compatible with each browser out there. There are some browsers that work great with all other programs but will have problems with Netflix.

It is because Netflix is not designed around the functionality of these browsers. So, if you are using unconventional browsers, switch the browser and see if the issue is solved.

Fix 2: Switch the Device

In light of the same reasoning that we mentioned above, it is possible that Netflix is having trouble matching the pace of the device that you are using.

Switch the device with another one and log in with the same account. Search for the same title and if the error code disappears, you know that the problem was with the device that you were using.

Fix 3: Clear the cookies and cache on the browser

If you are streaming Netflix on the browser, it is possible that the memory of the browser is backed up with the cache and cookie data.

This data is stored to make the login information easily accessible and the sites load faster. However, when the data piles up, it poses a problem for the platforms that you try to launch through the browser.

Clear the cookies and cache and see if the problem then disappears.

Fix 4: Check your internet connection

The Netflix platform does not store the titles on your device. This is impossible as there is not enough space on any device to store even the movies that only suit your taste let alone all the content on the server.

Hence, the content is stored on the server and you need a continuous connection to high-speed internet to watch the content you prefer.

If you do not have a stable internet connection, you will not be able to watch or search for titles.

You can check the speed of the connection through any free internet speed meter online. These tools are free and reliable and you can switch the internet connection when you find the issue behind the slow connection.

Fix 5: Check if the Netflix server is down

If the Netflix server is down, you will not be able to search for any titles on the platform. The streaming that was already in place will also get interrupted at times.

This all can happen due to the Netflix server crash. This is not a very common occurrence but when the traffic on the site increases tremendously, it does happen.

It can also happen in the case where the server is due for maintenance and is deliberately taken down for the same.

In this case, you can only wait for the Netflix team to work on the server maintenance and nothing else can be done.

Fix 6: Contact the Netflix support team

For account-related issues that you might not be able to comprehend on your own, or if none of the above solutions helped, you should contact the Netflix support team.

They are a great team and are always available for helping the users get rid of any issues on the platform.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting the support team yet, you can also raise a query in the user forums and someone might answer your problem.

To conclude

The error code htp-998 on Netflix is a connection error that will hinder the ability of the Netflix server to show you the titles that you are looking for.

We have tried to mention each issue that could be behind this error code with the solution that can get rid of it.

Hopefully, we helped you eliminate the error code by providing all the information in one place.

Keep following for more technical content. 

Happy Streaming!!

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